Who is Jesus?

When Christians ask the question “Who is Jesus?” they build their answer on the Bible – on things He said about Himself, on prophecies from the Old Testament that foretold His coming, and the doctrines laid out about Jesus Christ and His Church through the rest of the New Testament.

More than two thousand years ago God sent His son,
Jesus Christ into this world. He became one of us, but,
unlike us he was sinless. He did nothing wrong. He
showed us what God is like – merciful and kind. He healed the sick, the blind were made to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Some people followed him, and to them he gave a new way of life – God’s way. But others hated Him because He was so good, and he exposed their evil ways.

He gave his own life as a sacrifice, a payment for our sins. He died on the cross to save us. Three days after he died, Jesus Christ came back from the dead. Now He lives in the power of an endless life to meet our needs, to be our Saviour, to forgive our sins.

We try to make our church as Christ-centred as possible, so that we honour him in all things and allow him to influence and guide our lives.