The tag-line on our church logo is “Growing together in God”, and one of the places we do this best is in our house-groups.

Each week small groups of us meet in homes to share informal fellowship, read and study the Bible, talk about issues that affect us, and pray together about our church, our local community, and our world.

It’s a great way to get to know one another better as we share our experiences and encourage each other in our faith. In this way we are indeed, growing together in God.

Some of us meet in the evenings and some during the day so there should be a time to suit everyone. So if you haven’t yet tried the house-group experience, (tea and cake included!), now is the time to get involved.

Tuesday evening house-group: call Kirstie 07875 127970
Thursday evening house-group: call Nic 01829 730606
Friday morning house-group: call Peter 01928 787122